It’s Raining Again.. (Prologue)

Jenniffer was sitting on the chair, reading a random book she found , about a girls who liked to dress fashionable and were laughing at everybody they didn’t like . Jenny got bored and closed the book and decided to sit down and listen to the sound of rain… summer vacation was getting boring it was june but still…. suddenly she heard a knock on the door ,she was all alone at home mum and dad where at the B-day party of their friend Kevin. That was strange but she wasn’t that dramatic to think that behind a door was a serial killer pizza guy.. she ran down the stairs , and without knowing why she took a deep breath just because the lightning scared her a little bit shi finally opened the door and saw a tall guy standing at the door , he looked at her with his cold blue eyes and asked: 

- May i come in? …..

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